A. Scot Bolsinger is a minority partner at ScaleUp Partners, a national strategy firm advocating economic opportunities for disaffected urban communities. He specializes in content strategy and marketing. Scot is a senior writer for Amplifier, a San Francisco-based social impact agency, where he sets tone and messaging and holds the editorial line across communications projects.

Scot  has held many titles in his life that include, but are not limited to: Preacher. Entrepreneur. Failed Entrepreneur. Teacher. Sports Reporter. Political Reporter. Metro Columnist. City Editor. Entrepreneur, take two. Prison Reform Advocate. Author. Activist. “I really prefer just one: Human,” he says.

During a decade-long journalism career, Scot won more than two dozen press awards and helped lead a daily paper on the verge of extinction to best in class. Most recently, Scot was a scholarship recipient of the 2014 San Francisco Writers For Change Conference. He regularly collaborates and coaches groups of local writers.

Outside of work a litany of hobbies keep him relentlessly busy, including cooking, hiking, snowboarding, surfing, yoga, guitar, laughing, watching movies and “hanging out with the homeless, addicts, convicts and other delightful people who are so much like me.”

He is the founder of CriminalU.co, a prison reform platform, and EffinArtist.com, a mission-centered platform that elevates the role of art and story in social change. He has a psychology degree from George Fox University.

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