We are in the first days of a new administration. The Ying/Yang of the inauguration and marches of opposition show what awaits it. Division dominates America today.

Media reports of the President first official speech often chose the word “dark” to convey the tone. This is an affront to the word. Within the contrasting circles of black and white, this dark is beautiful, representing a welcoming vision for the inclusion of all. The white is the narrow specter of fear-mongering and hate that has decayed the fabric of society and given rise to age-old hate in the name of false nationalism.

Compare the yin of President Obama’s vision in his farewell address–“We believe in a fair, just and inclusive America.”– to the yang of President’s Trump’s first speech: “This American carnage stops right here and now.”

Only it didn’t. A new carnage covers the landscape.

Marchers in Ashland, Ore. speak out against the Trump administration on Saturday, Jan. 22.

The man who failed to win the popular vote and the party that maintains its power through gerrymandered districts claimed a “mandate” after winning control of the government despite widespread fear and resistance. The case could be made that this administration has less of a mandate than any in the history of this country.

Millions taking to the streets from coast to coast, large city and small towns, online and off, stated this Administration’s vision of America is not our vision. An exclusive vision built on racism, hate and division is not the vision that will create a world that works for all.

President Trump has promised to build walls built with bricks of fear and distrust. His message stands in start contrast to even the Republican standard of global cooperation as established by President Ronald Reagan in the 1980s.

Literal walls along on borders, social walls with discriminatory policies and divisive walls that cut the country up into an us-against-them anger not seen since the Civil War.

Soffiyah Elijah, executive director of the Alliance of Families for Justice, marches with hundreds of thousands in New York City in opposition of the Trump Administration on Sat. Jan. 22.

Stories online and in print too often feed the division and hate. Anger makes better photos it seems. Destruction is more striking than creation. A huge swath of America is lost in the noise. Organizations, foundations, corporations, startups, communities and individuals dedicated to a world that works for all are creating new pathways to an inclusive society every day. These are the people President Obama sees when he looks across the creative landscape of innovation and inclusion that will correct the racial and socio-economic imbalance. These are stories you will find here. These are the stories we seek. We invite you to tell yours. Contact us today, so we can share the work of building an inclusive America to stand in stark contrast to the thin, colorless–not “dark” but all too gloomy and flat–story that this administration wants to tell.

The full story of Inclusive America is a colorful one–drawn of beautiful darks and lights and rainbows of diversity– and needs to be told.

We have a task at hand. We will tear down the walls that divide faster than this administration can build them.

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