Turn up to support A Social Ignition

October 17, 2016Criminal Justice

If you’re anywhere in the Pacific Northwest, follow these instructions: Open your calendar and block off Nov. 10. Then click here and buy a ticket to attend A Social Ignition’s annual gala. This is civil action at its finest. You will have a great time. But you’ll also be ensuring that a proven, disruptive, economically … Read More

Yarbough seeks to help those ‘stuck in time’

August 8, 2016Criminal Justice

“When you are in prison, you are stuck in time,” said Antonio Yarbough, director of the buddy system for Alliance of Families for Justice said. Yarbough, who spent 22 years in Attica for the triple murder of his mother, sister and cousin that he did not commit. He was exonerated in 2014. He spoke about … Read More

New alliance takes on New York’s Attica prison

July 30, 2016Criminal Justice

Soffiyah Elijah knows all about scaling obstacles, which explains why¬†her new organization first campaign takes on of New York’s biggest challenges, closing the Super Max prison called Attica Correctional Facility. Elijah was the first woman of color to lead the Corrections Association of New York, a historic institution that monitors New York prisons. She has … Read More