Johnathan Holifield: Competitiveness starts with narrative of change

August 8, 2016Entrepreneurship, Inclusion

Johnathan Holifield, co-founder of ScaleUp Partners and Architect of Inclusive Competitiveness gave the featured address during the #InclusiveAmerica learning lab for journalists at the NABJ/NAHJ 2016 on Aug. 3. Following his dynamic presentation, he sat down for an interview with NABJ. Holifield said “It’s absolutely critical. Our framework begins with the narrative,” if the talents … Read More

Holifield calls for a movement of competitors

July 30, 2016Books, Entrepreneurship

At the most basic level, Johnathan Holifield thinks the key to a successful, vibrant, inclusive, economy that works for all America comes down to a single word: Competition. “The nation faces a choice as to the kind of economy it will accept,” he said. “Will we have an economy of incumbent, limited competitiveness or travel the … Read More

Generation StartUp captures new narrative of business

July 30, 2016Entrepreneurship, Film

Pressure brings resolve for both those in front of the camera and behind it, in the new documentary film, Generation Startup, set to release this fall. Directed by Academy Award winner Cynthia Wade and award-winning filmmaker Cheryl Miller Houser, the film celebrates risk-taking, urban revitalization, and diversity while delivering a vital call-to-action—with entrepreneurship at a … Read More