A new vision for the 21 century

November 1, 2016Inclusion

By Mike Green, Co-Founder of ScaleUp Partners I see #InclusiveAmerica as a defining vision for the nation. It is a North Star for our nation, if we, the people, choose this direction. Inclusive America is a new platform offering a holistic narrative that tells a story of America’s post-Civil War historical timeline over the last 150 years. The story remembers major … Read More

Johnathan Holifield: Competitiveness starts with narrative of change

August 8, 2016Entrepreneurship, Inclusion

Johnathan Holifield, co-founder of ScaleUp Partners and Architect of Inclusive Competitiveness gave the featured address during the #InclusiveAmerica learning lab for journalists at the NABJ/NAHJ 2016 on Aug. 3. Following his dynamic presentation, he sat down for an interview with NABJ. Holifield said “It’s absolutely critical. Our framework begins with the narrative,” if the talents … Read More

Forging a new 21st century economic narrative

July 31, 2016Inclusion, NABJ

America has reached a volatile crossroads between 20th-century exclusion and 21st-century progress. But a coalition of leaders has come together in response to offer a Learning Lab for journalists on Aug. 3 in Washington, D.C. Stories matter. Stories tshape the thoughts, beliefs and actions of our democracy. Too often, these stories capture a narrow slice … Read More

Black male re-imagined: protest, power, promise

July 30, 2016Inclusion, Leadership

July 29, 2016 — New York, NY – To further explore and contextualize the current state of police violence and systemic injustice facing America’s Black communities, the Campaign for Black Male Achievement (CBMA), in partnership with ScaleUp Partners, will open up this year’s National Association of Black Journalists’ Annual Convention in D.C. with a panel … Read More