‘Black Male Re-imagined’ needs accurate new stories

August 3, 2016NABJ, Social Justice

“This is about today, reimaging America where black people can be somebody,” Sean Dove, CEO of Campaign for Black Male Achievement, told journalists at the National Black Journalists Convention on Wednesday. The story of black men and women has long been told by stereotypes and characters that tell only part of the story, a worn-out … Read More

Forging a new 21st century economic narrative

July 31, 2016Inclusion, NABJ

America has reached a volatile crossroads between 20th-century exclusion and 21st-century progress. But a coalition of leaders has come together in response to offer a Learning Lab for journalists on Aug. 3 in Washington, D.C. Stories matter. Stories tshape the thoughts, beliefs and actions of our democracy. Too often, these stories capture a narrow slice … Read More