Rallying against the walls of hate

January 22, 2017Politics, Social Justice

We are in the first days of a new administration. The Ying/Yang of the inauguration and marches of opposition show what awaits it. Division┬ádominates America today. Media reports of the President first official speech often chose the word “dark” to convey the tone. This is an affront to the word. Within the contrasting circles of … Read More

#FierceUrgency16 to reduce violence by 50 percent

July 30, 2016Politics, Violence

  When violence against black males rose to such heights that it dominated news and spurred national protests, Cities United was ready. The organization of more than 80 mayors across the country had long since recognized the troubling trends and put into motion plans to curb it. It was #fierceurgency16 well before a national crisis … Read More